Tessellation Software LLC
Commercial: Overview


The Tessellation Software Framework

The TFS is a revolutionary platform for developing and deploying scalable, secure and highly concurrent code. Write only your business logic — leave the scaling, communication and security to us.

The TFS enables development teams/organizations to rapidly develop widely distributed applications and/or ASP services over their own local, regional, or global networks and/or the public internet.

It provides communication capabilities, massive-scalability and government-level security without requiring development teams to write any code to avail themselves of these capabilities.

By removing the complexities associated with security and network programming (especially with concurrent [multi-threaded], network programming), this framework enables teams/organizations to focus on the business logic (on the server side) and user interface (GUI) (on the client side) that are truly specific to their business (and where there can truly be value added).

(Often the code on the client side is thought of as being some form of GUI through which the purchaser's end-users interact with its server-specific code, but this does not have to be the case. The client-specific code may simply be an interface that allows other systems or components developed by the purchaser to access its server-specific code through this framework.)

Cache (TSCache)

The Tessellation Software Cache

Database (TDbE)

Coming soon

The Tessellation Software Database Engine (TDbE)

A revolutionary step in database design and data ownership providing:

  • Transactional advantages of a relational database
  • Performance advantages of a NoSQL columnar database
  • Automatic archiving and auditing capabilities where desired
  • And, enabling:
  • Sharing of data models and information within those models within and across organizations and among end-users world-wide without conflict.