Tessellation Software LLC
Tessellation Software LLC was founded in 2003 for the purpose of developing server-side infrastructure software far superior to existing technology including those technologies that have been accepted as standards and those that exist in the marketplace today.

To that end, the Tessellation Software Framework (TSF) is a powerful applications software framework and infrastructure that enables development teams/organizations to rapidly develop secure, widely distributed applications and/or ASP services over their own local, regional, or global networks and/or the public internet.

There are a number of major products in various stages of design and development (largely built on the TSF Foundation), details of which will remain unannounced until ready for deployment.

Additionally, Tessellation Software LLC provides TESSELLATIONTM consulting services for assistance in successfully utilizing and deploying its infrastructure and ensuring our clients' success in these endeavors. We also provide expert-level consulting for the most demanding server-side infrastructure development requirements including:

  • - Multi-threaded and parallel processing
  • - Database Interaction: efficient design, connection pooling, transaction processing, etc.
  • - Messaging
  • - Server-side component design and development.

An Enterprise Software Architect with over 35 years of experience in leading the design and development efforts in creating extensive server-side infrastructure for pricing, risk, and end-to-end processing of trades and positions for leading financial firms. He has managed global, large, multidisciplanary teams of IT professionals in these endeavors.

Michael Siegenfeld

Global Head of Development with strong experience in enterprise architecture and global responsibility for development efforts on behalf of large financial institutions, he is responsible for leading our server-side development initiatives and is globally managing development efforts for Tessellation Software.

Haresh Pise
Global Head of Development

Senior manager with a history of managing large-scale projects and multiple teams of front-end developers. An accomplished senior front-end designer and development lead in his own right with over 20 years experience, he is the senior manager responsible for our entire development effort in India and responsible for all front-end development globally.

Kiran Puranik
Head of Front-End Development/Head of India Office

Responsible for Human Resorces (Onboarding, Compliance, Payroll, personnel issues/management), Finance, Government Reporting and office build out.

Kasumi Araki
COO - Head of Human Resources, Finance, and Logistics