Product: Tessellation Software Framework

What TSF Is/Provides Advantages (Why use TSF?) How TSF Provides Advantages Comparison w/EJB

Advantages related to functionality and capability:

The server components of the Tessellation Software Framework automatically multi-thread the server-specific code written by the purchaser and also automatically enable the server-specific code to be run across multiple machines. If the purchaser desires, its server-specific code may even be multi-threaded within a single connection. This last mentioned capability, which is unique to this framework (and certainly not available w/EJB [which does automatically provide for the first two]), would enable the server-specific code to generate and send an asynchronous stream to the client in one thread, e.g., while responding to synchronous traffic with another. It also would enable the server-specific code to execute and respond to multiple asynchronous commands from a single client concurrently.

Other aspects where the TSF has tremendous advantages over EJB relate to performance:

Pre-instantiation of Purchaser's Server-Specific Code and Re-initialization with a new connection (vs. reinstantiation).

Connections always kept alive until specifically dropped (enabling stateful interaction; preventing performance issues with necessity of swapping out and restoring code and state).