Position: Senior Development Officer in NYC
Job Description:

Develop and design server-side infrastructure code and generic frameworks to scale and multi-thread purchasers' functional code across a grid/compute farm of computers to provide secure connectivity between a purchaser's server-side code (containing business logic) and purchaser's client-side code (either a GUI or API). Framework will imbue the server-side code with scalability and provide essential services to server-side code like security and cross-service messaging.
Develop a database platform to execute within this framework having full transactional integrity and performance characteristics beyond current relational and NoSQL solutions available today. Among other capabilities to be developed, database must be able to:
(i) run and shard data across an entire compute farm with superior search, insert, update, delete performance;
(ii) provide benefits of the Object Oriented Databases that died in the 90's due to performance and flexibility issues along with the full benefits currently provided by relational databases; and,
(iii) accommodate a unique and rich new DDL (Data Definition Language) enabling the database to provide functionality that currently must be written into application code. Design business and retail end-user applications using aforesaid technologies.
Write all code in pure server-side Java, perform programming and technical designs, implement and test configuration and code to meet functional and technical requirements, define technical architecture and coding standards, translate functional designs into technical specifications and translate technical specifications into program code, implement coding or configuration changes and update documentation for application as code changes are applied.

Strong experience required in data structures; object oriented design and design patterns in Java design and development involving: messaging and network communication; and, multi-threaded server-side development using best-practice object-oriented design techniques and methodologies. Strong experience and knowledge required working with Databases including JDBC and other interfaces and ORM (Object-to-Relational Mapping) methodologies and packages. Experience managing a small team of developers on project deliveries and managing projects a must. Must have knowledge of JCA/JSSE and cryptography (symmetric and asymmetric). Experience with JUnit testing and source code build and deploy environments is important including technologies and packages like Subversion, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, etc. Must know how to manage and merge code branches. Strong documentation and communications skills required as is a very collaborative team-oriented perspective.

Required knowledge and skills shall be measured and verified by the employer through the interview process, testing and against the required education and experience.


Must have MS degree in Computer Science, or BS in Computer Science, or equivalent, and 10 years experience in similar duties.


Mail resumes, cover letter, salary history, to Tessellation Software, LLC, Attn: CEO w/Ref: 12/16, 340 Madison Avenue - 19th floor; New York, NY 10173